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Recent Activity:

  • 10/18/2020 - We just added more findings and tools to Special Deals. More to come.

  • 9/12/2020 - We just added more findings to Findings and Supplies. More to come.

  • 8/19/2020 - I am unpacking my classroom boxes for the classes I am no longer teaching. This means I am adding used tools, all in good condition, and supplies to Special Deals.

  • 7/18/2020 - Slabs, Cabs, etc. - I am no longer doing any work with rocks (actually I haven't for over 15 years) so it is time to clean out the studio. The point is to unload these materials to people that will appreciate and make use of them with as little effort as possible on my part. This is a new area for us, so please tell your lapidary friends about us. Thanks.

  • 7/12/2020 - We have released the Chain Maille Archives on a USB thumb drive at Chain Maille Archives. This USB drive contains basic directions for 96+ weaves and variations, 103+ detailed tutorials, and 169+ projects for bracelets, earrings, and pendants using these weaves

    Because we sell our items in several different venues, our web site is not always up to date. If you are interested in an item that is identified as unique you will need to check with us the see if the item is still available. These items will have a 'Check Availability' button below the item. Clicking on this button will send an inquiry to the gallery to see if the item is still available. Details for completing the purchase of the item will be sent to you by e-mail response. Other items will have an 'Add to Cart' button that will add the item to your shopping cart.

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