Kits and Tutorials

The difference between our kits and our tutorials is the metal. The materials in our kits are Argentium 935 Silver, 14/20 Gold Filled, and/or Niobium, and the materials in our tutorials are base metal, brass or copper.

I prefer to use brass in the tutorials because it works like silver or gold filled, and is not as soft as copper. However, there is commonly a color difference between the jump rings and the clasps in the tutorials, because the brass clasps are commonly a slightly different alloy than the jump rings and may also have been antiqued, and the copper clasps are generally plated. Upon completing ae tutorial you will have a complete, finished base metal project, but you need to be aware that based on individual body chemistry, brass and copper tend to tarnish very rapidly.

It is difficult to identify wheather a project is easy or not, because that varies between individuals. We have tried to identify each weave as "beginning", "intermediate", or "advanced" based on our experience of teaching classes for over 10 years. "Intermediate" projects generally have a more comples weave, and "advanced" projects generally require additional techniques to complete.

Our kits and tutorials are complete with detailed directions, jump rings, and any needed clasp or finding. You will need 2 pairs of jeweler's pliers to complete a kit or tutorial. I use a bent chain nose and a flat nose pliers (See Tools.), although two flat nosed jeweler's pliers will also work. I recommend using an Optivisor, or some other hands off magnifier, so you can see if you are closing the rings tight.

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