Custom Texture Plates

Our custom texture plates may be used with either a hydraulic press or a rolling mill. A deeper impression will ususlly be achieved using a rolling mill. Our custom texture plates are made of steel. But note that over time, depending on usage, they will become curved when used in a rolling mill. Once a texture plate has been using in a rolling mill it should not later be used with a hydraulic press.

Guidelines for the art work:

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Texture plate size:
3" x 3"      2.5" x 7"
The texture area will be 0.25" smaller than the plate size, e.g. a 3" x 3" plate will have a texture area of 2.75" x 2.75".

Thinking about the metal you will be embossing with this plate,
do you want the white, or the black areas of the art work to be raised on the embossed metal?

Any additional information:
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