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Galleries and Exhibitions:

Indelible Exhibit
Mosaic Mystery #2, a collaborative work by Betty and John Fetvedt, has been selected for the ISGB's Indelible exhibit. The Indelible exhibit: A Collection of Personal Narratives Expressed in Art Glass Beads, will open in conjunction with our twentieth anniversary Gathering of the International Society of Glass Beadmakers in Bellevue/Seattle, Washington, in July 2012.
Three x Two Exhibit
Three of Betty's disk beads were accepted into the ISGB's "Three x Two Exhibit." "Three x Two" is a juried show featuring a collaboration between the International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB) and metalsmiths from the Seattle Metals Guild (SMG). The beadmakers create three (3) similar focal beads which will be incorporated by the metalsmith into pendants, rings or brooches. The beadmaker and metalsmith will each retain one of the finished pieces. The third piece will be on display during the 20th Anniversary Gathering conference at Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery and be available for sale to the public.
Surface Exhibit - Beads of Internal Depth and External Decoration
One of Betty's beads, "Golden Lotus of Mambrino", was juried into the International Society of Glass Bead Makers Surface Exhibit. The Surface Exhibit opened at the 2011 Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, June 4-12, 2011. The lampwork glass bead is fumed with 24 kt gold.
Convergence II
" Nefertari's Legacy", a collaborative work of Betty Fetvedt and Kathy King, appeared in the Convergence II exhibition. Convergence II, sponsored by the International Society of Glass Beadmakers and Bead & Button magazine, opened in July, 2010, in Rochester, NY at the 18th Annual ISGB Gathering. From there, it traveled to several different locations nationally and internationally before closing in 2011.

We have been published in:

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Wirework magazine, Spring 2014
Published John's Tapered Double Vision Earrings project as Tapered Double Vision Earrings on page 10.
"Linked: Inovative Chain Mail Jewelry Designs", compiled by Karin Van Voorhees, Kalmbach Books, 2014, ISBN 978-1-62700-089-5
Four of John's designs are included as projects: Half-Byzantine Hoop Earrings, Mixed-Metal Double Barrel Bracelet, Double-Cross Chain set, and Graceful Chain Earrings.
Art Jewelry magazine, March 2012
John's DNA Chain Earrings was published as a Bonus Subscriber Project "Make a pair of DNA Chain Mail Earrings" in Art Jewelry Magazine, March 2012.
"Creative Chain Mail Jewelry", Kalmbach Books, 2011, ISBN 978-0-87116-421-6"
John's Celtic Zigzag Bracelet appears as 2 metals, 2 chain mail patterns on page 74.
Art Jewelry magazine, May 2011
John's Double Barrel Bracelet was published as Make a Mixed-Metal Double Barrel Bracelet" on page 36.
Wirework magazine, Spring 2011
Published John's Double Cross Linked Anklet and earrings projects as Double-cross chain" on page 66.
Art Jewelry magazine, September 2010
John's Celtic Zigzag Bracelet was published as 2 metals, 2 chain mail patterns" on page 50.
Wirework magazine, 2010
Published John's Banner Chain Maille Earrings project as Graceful chain earrings on page 77.
Art Jewelry magazine, September 2008
John's Tapered Byzantine Earrings project was published as the online exclusive project in September 2008.
Art Jewelry magazine, May 2008
John's Half-Byzantine Hoop Earrings project was published as the online exclusive project in May 2008.
"Chain Mail Jewelry: Contemporary Designs from Classic Techniques", by Terry Taylor and Dylon Whyte, Lark Books, 2006, ISBN 1-57990-723-7
Three of John's designs are included as projects: Japanese 4-1 Chain Mail Bracelet, Japanese 6-1 Chain Mail Bracelet, and Diamond Chain Mail Earrings.